Our GOLDEN RULES for condominium living

1.         Dogs and cats must be leashed at all times when outside. Please direct your animal to anoint only those areas having no plants, shrubbery, and trees. All fecal deposits must be picked up promptly.

2.         Do not desecrate our beautiful buildings by attaching personal property or devices to the exterior thereof. White Larsen model 244FL storm/screen doors are permitted at the front door.

3.         Do not park vehicles on the grass. Please insure that vehicle tires remain on paved area. Vehicles can easily damage our lawns and the sprinkler system. Please tell your guests also.

4.         Do not park vehicles on the condominium streets overnight. Vehicles should be parked in driveways or the parking area near the dumpster.

5.         Do not litter the common areas with your belongings such as clothing and personal gear.

6.         Do not disturb the landscape (common areas) with toys, grills, mechanical devices and noisemakers that keep the birds from song and nature’s view obstructed.

7.         Do not park or store your boat, boat trailer, house trailer, snowmobile trailer, commercial vehicle or any vehicle other than an automobile in the condominium parking areas including driveways. Commercial vehicles and trucks shall not be parked in or about the Condominium (except in garages) other than while making deliveries or pickups in the normal course of business. House trailers and motor homes may be parked on the condominium premises while loading and unloading for a period not to exceed 48 hours.

8.         Automobiles may be washed in the co-owner’s driveway.

9.         Potted flowers and plants are permitted by the front door and on the non-grass areas.

10.       No landscaping is permitted. Co-owners are invited to remove weeds from the stone areas.

11.       Co-owners are requested to use the Village of Elk Rapids Compactor facility for large items and recyclable items including newspaper, glass, cans, cardboard, and plastic bottles. Please do not use the dumpster for large items such as furniture, appliances, cardboard, assembled boxes, and other large items. Please use the Village facility.

12.       Co-owners may lease their unit for a period not less that six (6) months provided the Association Board approves the lease.

13.       Prior written approval by the Association Board is required for displaying any advertising signs on the common areas or visible from outside the unit except that signs that advertise a unit “For Sale” or “For Rent” and do not exceed 15 by 15 inches may be displayed in the kitchen window. No signs are to be placed on the common areas.

14.   It is acceptable to install a mount for a wall-hung flag on the front of the building, near the house number sign. The mount should be installed on the corner away from the garage door and nearest to the sidewalk. Temporary outside decorations are permitted for the holidays.

15.   It is acceptable to install a small antenna for satellite TV or for Internet service. The antenna shall be installed at a lower corner of the roof area. Repair costs for damages to roofing or other structural materials caused by such installation shall be the responsibility of the co-owner.

16.       Recognize your neighbor’s right to peace and quiet and thereby practice the principles of the GOLDEN RULES. Please provide your friends and family with a copy of these GOLDEN RULES so that their use of the condominium unit will not bring unhappiness and displeasure to your neighbors.

Approved at association board meeting April 22, 2004